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Review A Tall Dark Cowboy by Mackenzie KcKade

Posted by Temara - -

Details: paperback 230 pages

Product Description:
Just looking for a good time... Waiting tables in a bar full of no-good cowboys isn't Lacy Mason's idea of fun. But between her daughter's illness, endless doctor bills, and her college tuition, she needs the money. What she could really use is a night of no-holds-barred passion and no-strings-attached sex. Too bad she has sworn off cowboys for life... A guy walks into a bar...¦ Full-time executive and retired cowboy Wyatt Anderson is drawn to Lacy from the moment he sees her. But she's an enigma. Daring and assured one moment and hesitant the next, it's as if something haunts her. Only willing to give him one night, Lacy clings tightly to her secrets. Unfortunately for her, what Wyatt wants, Wyatt gets. And he definitely wants Lacy...
This is a really great book. Lacy is a single mother whose struggling to support herself and her sick daughter and her medical bills, along with college tuition, and a job waiting tables at a bar. Lacy wants nothing to do with men because of what her ex did to her in the past. She was only willing to give Wyatt one night of no-holds-barred passion and no-strings-attached sex. Unfortunately for her though Wyatt wants more than one night and what Wyatt wants he gets.
Wyatt breaks through Lacy's armor. She just wants one night to be like everyone else and escape her multitude of responsibilities and burdens. This book is wonderfully well written and there's depth to it. You can feel Lacy's pain for her daughter and how much she loves her and wants her to get better. Anyways this book is a wonderful read.
5/5 Stars

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